Replacement lamps 

Replacement lamps 

AUVL UVC Replacement lamps

AUVL provides an extensive portfolio of UVC replacement lamps for water and air disinfection. AUVL offers UVC replacement lamps for several brands and models from all major OEM systems in themarket. Our lamps have been tested in parallel with the original lamps and produce equal to or better results, and we offer all these lamps at very competitive prices. All UVC replacement lamps have been tested on the original OEM power supply ensuring full compatibility with the originalsystem. Unique lengths, diameters, and end caps can all be provided in order to comply with all necessary specifications of the original OEM lamp. Further modifications can be made to these lamps in order to easier retrofit a lamp into a given system. In our portfolio we have amalgam lamps in the range from 100-800 Watts, high output lamps which are capable of producing up to 2/3 more UV output compared to standard lamps and standard output quartz lamps both ozone and ozone free quartz in different lengths. Quickly and easily find the right UV lamp for your system. The intensity and spectral output of UV lamp can be seen in the table overview.


Amalgam Lamps

Standard Output (24w [TG 48])

High Output (90w[San:Aer 90])



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