The ultraviolet spectrum (UV light) is used in a variety of ways in technology and industry as well as in agriculture. Whether plant growth, precipitation hardening, authentication, or material testing, these processes are possible only with the proper use of specific UV rays.

The AUVL UV lamp product range is constantly being checked and updated according to the needs of the market. Each application is unique and requires ideally matched radiation sources. The correct function and effect of a UV lamp depends on the successful integration into the selected filter and reflector system, device-specific features (such as cooling etc.) as well as on the operating conditions on site. Thanks to its holistic view, AUVL can supply optimally configured products for all requirements and applications.


The precipitation hardening with ultraviolet (UV) light is a process in which the UV light is used as the initiator of the curing of materials such as paints, printing inks and adhesives. Typical materials for UV curing, such as epoxy or acrylic resins, contain photoinitiators that generate polymer chains when exposed to UV light, which strengthens the material.
AUVL’s special UV lamps cure coatings, paints, varnishes and resins, and provide an excellent surface quality as well as extremely short process times. We are happy to advise you regarding the use of this efficient and environmentally-friendly technology and offer you a variety of new applications.


Plants need light for healthy growth. Greenhouses require the correct light source. This results in optimal conditions for the photosynthesis of different plants throughout the year.
To meet this increasing demand, the German brand AUVL has developed ideal lamps for conventional greenhouses and laboratories in both horticulture and legal hydroponic markets. AUVL’s Grow Green lamps emit light in the right spectrum. They are highly efficient and their low sensitivity to interference and long service life set them apart from other alternatives. In short, these grow lamps perform better and give a greater yield. We are happy to assist you with the best features of your or your customers‘ greenhouses.


AUVL provides an extensive portfolio of replacement lamps and spare parts for existing major OEM systems in the UVC market. Our lamps have been tested on the original OEM systems ensuring full compatibility with the original system. They produce equal to or better results, and we offer all these lamps at very competitive prices.
Unique lengths, diameters, and end caps can be provided in order to comply with all necessary specifications of the original OEM lamp. For waste water treatment AUVL has focused on the two major sytems operating in Europe: Wedeco and Trojan.
AUVL is not affiliated with or endorsed by any other OEM company mentioned on this website, unless otherwise specified.


Error diagnostics with UV light are a very safe technology for diverse applications. It is for example used in materials science where hair-line cracks in metal products can be made evident. The textile industry also benefits from material analysis carried out by UV light, for example in terms of the composition and type of admixtures of wool fabrics, as well as in the recognition of otherwise invisible impurities and cleaning stains. Another application field is the detection of food adulteration or rot.
The AUVL analysis lamps produce UV radiation of long wavelengths invisible to the human eye. These wavelengths are ideally suited for various applications of material analysis. We are happy to advise you on choosing the right lamps for your particular application.

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