UVC radiation has been used for decades for disinfection, especially in clinical and industrial environments. With COVID-19, the places of application are multiplied thanks to the great advantages offered by this radiation: Targeted and permanent, it can be used to destroy the DNA of viruses and bacteria.

The radiation intensity of the unit, which is guaranteed by san:aer and certified by independent experts, exceeds by far the dose required to inactivate COVID-19 viruses: air contaminated with COVID-19 or other viruses can be effectively disinfected in the unit and the viruses rendered harmless.

The built-in fan draws in the room air, guides it past the radiation source in the protected housing, and releases disinfected and “sterilised” air.

  • Thus, there is a permanent active circulation of the room air.
  • The housing with the radiation source is closed and is therefore used where people are present.
  • san:aer is mounted on the ceiling or on the wall with a frame. For mobile use within or between rooms, we offer a mobile rack.
  • san:aer is manufactured in Germany. All units are tested according to European and German guidelines.

More information can be found here.

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