This san:aer video provides information about the functionality and advantages of an air disinfection device with UVC.

Due to the lack of information regarding the different technologies that can be used for air disinfection, it was important to us to present the advantages of san:aer devices in an easy and understandable way.

In contrast to devices with so-called HEPA filters, which only filter dust particles, pollen, smoke and viruses from the air and then these filter units must be changed and professionally disposed, san:aer devices disinfect the air by destroying and killing the DNA of viruses, bacteria or aerosols through UVC radiation without polluting the environment.

Another difference is the location of the device in the room. Most quick-use air purifiers are stand-alone units and are placed in the corner. Physically this makes little sense, because aerosols rise upwards when people are in the room (thermal law: warm air = low density = air rises upwards) and “wobble” there on the ceiling until the aerosols sink again after some time.

The san:aer units are used directly where the contaminated air is. They are mounted with ceiling suspension so that the aerosols can be sucked in and clean air comes into the room.

Now take a look at a few examples of areas of application…

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