For UVC air disinfection, AUVL has added to its product range several air purifiers with UVC light for indoor use under the brand name san:aer. The newly developed devices are available in different versions: either as a device for ceiling mounting, as a stand-alone device or as a tabletop device.

Whether in the cold season or in case of a pandemic, san:aer air purifiers are a must-have in every room to take care of the air quality of its daily users. UV-C is not only the best technology on the market for guaranteed air disinfection, but also the easiest to install and use.

Latest san:aer models for UVC air disinfection

san:aer TG 48

  • The user-friendly and quiet tabletop device for local use. It offers optimal conditions for use on tables during meetings. No assembly, immediate protection! The advantages of the model can be found here.

san:aer SG 96

  • The flexible and uncomplicated stand-alone device for fast local use indoors. The advantages of this device and data sheet can be found here.

san:aer 90 active

  • Powerful entry-level unit for air purification with UVC light. Uncomplicated ceiling suspension ensures active air circulation. It is ideal for rooms up to 30m². More information can be found under san:aer 90 active.

san:aer 270 active

  • The powerful air purifier in industrial design is designed for larger rooms and has a strong disinfection performance indoors with an air circulation rate of 100m³/h and relatively quiet fan. Details of the san:aer 270 active model can be found in the data sheet.




General information & Functionality of UVC Air Disinfection

Why do I need an air purifier?

In closed rooms there is an increased risk of getting infected by aerosols and thus becoming ill. According to the Robert Koch Institute, staying in small, poorly ventilated or unventilated rooms for long periods of time can increase the likelihood of transmission through aerosols, even over a distance of more than two meters.

If an infected person stays in the room, the air movement causes a distribution of aerosols in a short time. In this process, only large aerosols (droplets) sink to the ground. Air movement occurs and within seconds the exhaled particles move. Medical experts note that the very small particles (> 5 µm) can float in the air for hours and be inhaled (see article). For this reason, the UVC disinfection device for air purification provides the most effective protection against viruses and bacteria.

How do the san:aer air purifiers work?

The san:aer models are devices for active air disinfection by ultraviolet radiation (UV-C) (link to the Federal Office for Radiation Protection) or, in other words, devices for disinfection and air purification by UVC light.

The san:aer device is a protected system consisting of a fan, air duct and UV-C radiation source. The device sucks the room air through the built-in fan into the interior of the device and leads it past the UV-C radiation source, where the inactivation of bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19, takes place in a permanent process. A success rate of 99.9 % is achieved. The san:aer unit continuously draws in the contaminated air through the active airflow via the attached fan. In the shielded interior of the device, the sucked-in, polluted air is led past the UV-C radiation source and cleaned without chemical additives. In the process, the bacteria, viruses and Covid-19 pathogens are killed by 99.9%. The purified air is blown back into the room.

The UV-C lamps used have a service life of 12 to 14 months (calculated in 7-day continuous operation) and are installed in the air duct inside the unit. The emitters are easily replaceable, effective and guarantee the maintenance of the disinfection effect of the device. The air purifier does not produce harmful ozone. The technology completely eliminates the use of filtration systems, which ensures that no residues require costly disposal. The operation of the device is silent.

Mode of action against viruses

How effective is the san:aer device against viruses and bacteria?

The san:aer device uses a UVC radiation source that irradiates the volume of treated air with enough energy so that the air exiting the housing afterwards is 99.9% free of bacteria.

With a maximum airflow of 36 m³/h and a radiation source of 90W, a radiation dose of at least 110 J/m² acts on the passing air for disinfection. This is sufficient for the inactivation of a large number of known viruses and bacteria such as Covid-19, as well as influenza virus, polio virus, typhoid and diphtheria pathogens.

The san:aer device is designed and built in accordance with all applicable EC directives for machines, as well as the EU directive 2002/95/EC (ROHS) (link).

How does san:aer work against SARS-Cov-2?

According to the tests performed, coronaviruses are among the families of viruses that are destroyed with an irradiation intensity of less than 65 J/m² due to their characteristic. In indoor environments, inactivation of Covid-19 pathogens is already achieved with 37 J/m² (see study Bianco, Andrea et al., UV-C irradiation is highly effective in inactivating and inhibiting SARS-CoV-2 replication, June 7, 2020). The effect of the UVC radiation source in the san:aer device has been tested and proven in biological tests by GMBU Jena (Gesellschaft zur Förderung von Medizin-, Bio- und Umwelttechnik e.V.).

Safety and radiation protection of UVC air disinfection

Safety from UVC radiation

The san:aer air purification devices are definitely safe! San:aer was specially developed for operation in the presence of people. For this reason, it can be used in many places, whether public or private, at home or at work. Our system was developed for this purpose long before the pandemic.

In compliance with all safety measures and in full compliance with the European standards of consumer protection, the device is very suitable for use in rooms where people are present. Since the system does not emit UVC radiation directly to the outside and does not produce ozone, it can be used safely in busy rooms in continuous operation. Therefore, rooms can be disinfected continuously even in the presence of people.

UVC radiation

UVC radiation is basically very dangerous! It can cause irreparable damage to the skin and eyesight. Therefore, this radiation should only be used under controlled conditions and in compliance with all safety measures. UVC radiation sources should not be used by persons who are not aware of the associated dangers. The san:aer unit has complex light traps to prevent UV-C radiation from escaping. The lamp must be changed with the power off and the power plug disconnected. The unit is opened only for this purpose, otherwise it must be operated only by switch for safety reasons. More information on UV technology can also be found in the UVC germicidal section.

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